Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another project I have been working on is the awards for 'The Media Innovation Awards' which celebrate innovative design and media in the South West.. This is my first live brief so it's been a little more pressure and a big learning curve! These are quite different from what I usually make, not usually working with glass, however I hope the designs are appropriate for awards. These are some experiments, trying different glass and firing methods.

One of my first maquettes, scaling the bowl up in size. The glass proved too much for the ceramic and resulted in some large cracks on the underside of the bowl. I have subsequently learned of the different cooling rates of glass and ceramic, so have put much less glass in the final bowls.

Three firings later, these bowls are nearly there, patiently waiting for their ceramic transfer writing. I have chosen to use platinum transfers as the metallic should complement the glaze well, whilst standing out.

Flames from the gas firing kiln, it's always exciting seeing these and waiting to see the outcome of the work complete with glazes

Here I was looking into using oxide slips beneath the surface of the clay. I did some test pieces with slabs of clay, and achieved some subtle pink detailing where I pressed into the oxides. I tried these bowls by brushing slip over the oxides, which had some unexpected results. As the slip layer was a lot thinner than the slab, the oxide bled through a lot more reacting with the glaze and creating pinks, browns and even blues.

Glazed teapot

This is some new work that has just been bisque fired. This was a bit of a practical sketch of some ideas. I experimented with the extended pulled handles, which lead to the lip feature on the teapot that is used for stability when pouring for the glazes!